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If you have fear or anxiety about going to the dentist, a sedation dentist will help you get the care you need.

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Sedation dentistry is a dental procedure that helps patients ease anxiety around complex procedures. This anxiety can lead to skipping overall dental care, which leads to more intensive restorative procedures anyway. A sedation dentist can help you relax and overcome your dental phobia.

Dentistry on 116 specializes in sedation dentistry to provide a calming effect to help ease our dental patients into a state of relaxation of body and mind. Our dentistry staff and procedures are able relieve dental anxiety and put our patients at ease, and into a state of relaxation for procedures.

We offer conscious sedation with nitrous oxide alone or with oral sedatives

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is the most frequently used method for easing mild to moderate dental anxiety. Recovery is quick so you can resume your normal activities immediately.

Oral sedatives are effective and safe. You will be given a prescription pill which, taken about an hour before your appointment, will have you relaxed by the time you arrive at our dental office. You remain awake or very sleepy throughout the entire sedation procedure and are able to breathe on your own, but you will feel a great sense of relaxation. It is recommended that dental patients who receive oral conscious sedation have a parent, spouse, or friend accompany them to appointments because it can take several hours for the oral sedative to wear off and driving may be unsafe. Contact us today to make a sedation dental appointment.

A female sedation dentist performing a sedation dentistry procedure on a patient with the help of an assistant
"I'm horrible with needles, being poked, etc, but they made me completely comfortable. The entire staff is super friendly and very professional. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a dentist. They are the best!"
Google Review from Chris G.
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